A third of life by paul martin essay

Boston, Massachusetts American patriot, silversmith, and engraver Paul Revere is remembered for his ride to warn fellow American patriots of a planned British attack before the Revolutionary War —83the war fought by Americans to gain independence from England.

A third of life by paul martin essay

Of course it is restorative, but of what? Muscles merely need rest; the heart - the most active muscle of all - never stops. Sleep and books about sleep are always with us. There was a surge of interest in the early s, with Francis Crick, of DNA fame, together with Graeme Mitchison, proposing a new theory of dreams: And lucid dreaming became briefly, pace my introduction, a lifestyle fad.

Not a great deal has happened since then: The purpose of sleep over mere rest seems to be the consolidation of memory and learning.

Far too much happens to us for that to be possible and it would be robotic if it were. Instead, patterns of brain traces overlap; some are strongly etched, others weak.

A third of life by paul martin essay

What we decided was important and made a great effort to learn, such as a new piece of music, is replayed quite a lot, while stray things that impinged on our consciousness only faintly are not played much and get drowned out by the stronger traces.

Experiments in animals have shown identical brain traces during the learning experience and during REM sleep. As with the Big Bang and the origin of the universe, there is a standard model of sleep and dreaming that has needed little correction since the s. REM stands for rapid eye movement: This is the time of the most vivid and surreal dreams.

Dreaming also occurs in NREM sleep but it tends to be prosaic. The cycle from falling asleep to completing REM sleep takes minutes and in an average night we go through five such cycles. It is because the sleep cycles are relatively inflexible that their disruption plays such havoc. The starkest example of this is the mayhem caused on the roads by drivers falling asleep.

Everyone imagines that they can fight sleep off but this is an illusion. Post-Selby, drivers and the authorities are being forced to take this more seriously, but still British motorways lack the rest areas you find on the Continent.

Martin makes a powerful case for the need to take sleep seriously. Swotting up to the wire for an exam and not sleeping is a dumb idea.

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For Martin, sleep has become "the cultural equivalent of a s British canteen meal: His answer is that we should make a meal of it and become gourmet sleepers.

A minute nap in the middle of the day can work wonders for your efficiency afterwards. Northern Europe has always despised the siesta, but perhaps it is time to reconsider?

Paul Martin was a research biologist at Cambridge and Stanford before quitting to become a science writer.Learn About Paul Revere Learn About Paul Revere Discover a summarized biography of Paul Revere – a silversmith and famous historical figure from Colonial times.

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St. Paul, the Apostle: Saint Paul, the Apostle, one of the early Christian leaders, often considered to be the most important person after Jesus in the history of Christianity. Of the 27 books of the New Testament, 13 are traditionally attributed to St.

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Order Summary of the Article A Third of Life by Paul Martin’s essay from $ per page. aryChuong Huynh (John) Mark Brosamer ENGLA 02/01/ Summary of Paul Martin’s “A Third of Life” In his article, “A Third of Life,” Paul Martin informs that sleep is a neglected topic, and we are largely ignorant about it.

He begins by noting “Sleep: state so familiar yet so strange. Abbey Road This Essay Abbey Road and other 64,+ term papers, while Paul's voice and George's sharp guitar contribute to the body of this song.

John Lennon was well known for his creative lyrics. His mind provided lyrics for such insightful songs such as "Across the Universe" and "A Day in the Life". The third track is "Maxwell's.

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