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To inflict losses in men and materials and to compel their replacement and the provision of supplies over long, tortuous and vulnerable lines of communication was implicit in this aim. By vigorous action in Italythe Allies would show their unflagging interest in the Mediterraneanmaintain their threat to the German position in southern Europeand prevent the enemy from relaxing his watch in the south of France and the Balkans.

Acmf bid writing services

Their fear that the Pakistan Army would come to control Afghanistan has found resonance with Tehran as well.

Sources said India and Russia have been trying to involve Iran in devising a joint strategy on Afgha nistan. Foreign secretary Rao and external affairs ministry officials will discuss Afghan strategy with Russian counterparts during the annual foreign office consultations in Moscow on August 2 and 3.

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New Delhi wants to ensure the next Afghan government is not anti-India. Krishna has repeatedly said that the Afghan peace and reintegration process needs to be "fully Afghan-led and Afghan-owned and must carry all sections of Afghanistan's population together".

India and Russia, however, want to ensure that Afghanistan remains a neutral country. Moscow recognises that it has become a fringe player in the "great game" being played out in Afghanistan and has broached the issue of Afghan neutrali ty with the US. With the US planning a quick exit, this appears a tall ask.

The Afghan government's hold on the country is tenuous. Only nine of its districts are firmly under government control, that too because of the presence ofUS and 30, Nato troops.

New Delhi is also worried that Indians will come under attack from the Taliban and the Lashkar once the international forces leave the region. Known for in-depth coverage of northeast issues, Indo-Bangladesh ties.

Maintains an impartial editorial policy; URL: Permission for use must be obtained from the copyright holder. Circulation for its five editions is approximately , with its core audience in Lucknow and Delhi; URL: He said that we UK and US cannot tolerate Pakistan look both ways and is able to promote and export terror whether to India, Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world.

Cameron said Pakistan could no longer look both ways by tolerating terrorism while demanding respect as democracy Cameron remarks, The Guardian July In Today program, Cameron said that he chooses his words carefully and thereby rejected Downing Street's statement that PM was not accusing Pakistan o f sponsoring terrorism.

He also ignored Pakistan's foreign office rebuttal. Reportedly, ministers accompanying Cameron to India were briefed not to mention Kashmir Kashmir subcontinents internal matter, The Guardian July During Cameron's visit to India, both countries will sign a deal, which will allow export of civil nuclear energy and expertise to India.

The reports in Pakistani press about America praising Pakistan's positive anti-terror role is nothing but use of good cop bad cop policy by the west.The Australian Country Music Foundation (ACMF) has announced the introduction of a new award for country music writers and journalists.

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acmf bid writing services

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