An analysis of oscars apartment

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An analysis of oscars apartment

When the president suffers a stroke, crafty chief of staff Frank Langella concocts a plan to get the vice-president out of the way and make himself president. He just needs Dave to replace the president for a little while.

The film was directed by Ivan Reitman and features Sigourney Weaver as the estranged but leggy first lady. A great deal of the film takes place in the White House, so the movie is a treat for any enthusiast despite its occasionally awkward deviations from the real thing.

The story starts off with Marine One landing on the south lawn and the president and first lady An analysis of oscars apartment entering White House through a very good South Portico set created by J Michael Riva and his production design team.

But the ground floor Center Hall they then coldly separate in is a poor match for the real thing, looking rather more ornate and European. We see President Mitchell pass briefly through the West Wing offices and bully some advisers in a good Cabinet Room set. But after the president's stroke, Dave is brought to the Oval Office, and we get a much better look at the room and its beautiful tan rug with golden brown great seal with dark green ring that matches the curtains.

The proportions and decor seem right, including the Resolute desk and a cropped version of the Chessman-Trumbull portrait of General Washington over the mantel.

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From there, we go immediately to the second floor of the Residence, where the Grand Stair is backwards, but the Central Hall is quite good. The first couple sleep on opposite sides of the second floor, and the first lady's room is in the Treaty Room redecorated. The president's southwest suite has apparently been drastically remodeled by the Mitchells, with the closets eliminated, decorative columns installed, and the wall separating the Master Bedroom and Dressing Room removed.

It's beautifully furnished with green silk wall coverings, traditional white wainscoting, and gold curtains. Strangely, the historic Lansdowne portrait of Washington hangs over the mantel.

An analysis of oscars apartment

Next, we see the Press Briefing Room a couple of times with odd doorways and more of the simplified West Wing. Not long after, Dave meets with the first lady in the Yellow Oval Roomwhich the Mitchells have papered with American landscapes similar to the Diplomatic Reception Room and furnished with a dining room table loosely approximating the appearance of the Private Dining Room with the American Revolution wallpaper.

The room is used several more times, including to host a children's party featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger giving dietary advice. After Dave and First Lady Ellen Mitchell appear on the Truman Balcony to reassure the public, Dave uses it at night to peek into the first lady's bedroom. Then, in a ground floor Kitchen that looks like it's stuck inDave makes a sandwich, apparently unaware that the second floor has had its own Family Kitchen since the Kennedy administration.

Later, we find Dave in what looks to be the president's study, a handsome room with dark wainscoting, deep red walls, and rich leather furniture and a portrait of Ike in uniform ; the location of it is not established but is apparently the Living Room.

After a pleasant day with underprivileged children, the first lady bursts in on Dave while he's showering to complain about his vetoing their funding. This wonderful space is a great improvement over the bathroom used by most real presidents.

It has a black marble tub by a window, glassed-in shower flanked by closet doors, and a brass-and-leather barber chair. The establishing shot suggests that it occupies the place of the Living Roombut the window and door clues put it in place of the West Sitting Hall!

Once Dave finds funding for the children again, the first lady warms to him and detects his ruse. Together, they take the Family Elevator —paneled fairly accurately—to the bunker-like subbasement, where the real president is being maintained on a respirator. Deciding they both need to leave, they venture down a dank tunnel under the White House to Lafayette Park.

When they decide to return after all, we get a better look at the second floor Central Hall and find that not only the West Sitting Hall which is now President Mitchell's bathroom but also the East Sitting Hall have been walled off. In one of the film's best-known scenes, Bonnie Hunt conducts a guided tour of the state floor "We're walking One of the oddest moments comes at the end; as political machinations play out and the "president" gets into legal hot water, he is seen relaxing and watching television on a couch in the Oval Office.

Many consider it among the finest mini-series in television history, not only for the superior writing and acting, but for the exemplary production values and the beautiful musical score by John Barry.

Be that as it may, only a few White House interiors were attempted here, and rather badly: That is about the only objection to this masterful and visually stunning mini-series.

It is crucial to watch it first, however, before turning to the sequel.

An analysis of oscars apartment

They arrive in a carriage filmed before the actual White House, where the gates are opened for them to enter one does, however, glimpse parked cars in the distance on Lafayette Square.

The North Portico entry was re-created in smaller scale for several shots here throughout the film. The Entrance Hall is again, smaller-than-life scale.Trading in its traditional live announcement for a glossy pretaped promo, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Tuesday morning revealed its nominees for the 89th Oscars .

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Directed by Phil Joanou.

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