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The person about to die is sometimes regarded as having special access to the mysteries of death and afterlife, as well as to spirit visitors such as angels or ancestors. There have been many observations of people close to death apparently seeing and talking with a visitor invisible to others. Often, though, the last words in these interactions are not audible or intelligible to others.

An interpretation of last words to

The meanings associated with green, especially when featured in a snake dream, are about nature, the earth, going back to what is true to you.

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In addition, the symbolism of the color green points to emotions and feelings, including hope and heartfelt connections. The dream interpretation should take into account any other personal associations you make with this color.

Dream Meaning Summary Bringing forth again aspects of yourself that have been neglected or ignored Connection with nature and earth energies Time of personal growth, development, especially associated with emotions A call for heartfelt relationship with someone, something in your life or oneself Hope, quietness, healing Jealous feelings that have been ignored or repressed Any personal associations you make with the color green What Does a Dream of a Green Snake Mean?

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Green snakes as symbols for personal growth Because the color of the snake is green, the dream suggests that a transformation is occurring in your life quite organically, naturally, just like when plants grow on their own.

Perhaps you are discovering new aspects of yourself or nurturing a relationship or project. Depending on the shade of the colored snake, you can find additional meanings regarding the quality and characteristics of your personal development.

Connecting with your true self Green snakes are strongly associated with nature and the earth. What in you is moved by the presence of this snake in your dream?

An interpretation of last words to

How does the creature or the dream relate to an earthy, natural part of you that is in the process of emerging? Green on a snake is about the come back of the energy of positive change in your life.

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Depending on how the snake behaves in your dream, it could reflect how you are embracing or coping with the change: Are you experiencing it as aggression, threat, death of old patterns?

Or are you at peace with this evolution? The green snake in your dream is then likely a call to take care of an opportunity for growth that you may otherwise be missing.

Shades of green snakes and their meanings The shade of the colored snake will tell more about the meanings conveyed in the dream.

Darker greens generally have negative connotations associated with jealousy, perhaps deceit. Lighter shades of green express opening up to healing, opportunity for growth. A balanced, healthy green suggests strength in your personal growth, steadiness and determination.

It could also be a symbol for serenity, calm. Even though green is archetypally associated with nature, healing, and growth, your interpretation will benefit from looking within yourself to find out what green means to you personally. In addition, consider the behavior of the snake in the dream.

It may give clues about how you are experiencing some changes that are occurring in your daily life. This simple 7-minute energy technique is an excellent way to experience the power of Energy.

Watch out for amazing synchronicities right after you do this. Make your Own Meaning To go further with the interpretation of your green snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more information in the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

What is calling you to grow and get closer to your true self? What in your life or your personality is just starting to blossom and needs a bit of attention to fully develop?

What aspects of yourself or parts of your life to you need to heal the most? Post your dream below if you had a snake dream featuring a green snake and need help to interpret its meaning.Once in a while, I like to blog with a term from my dream dictionary, Dream Sight (Llewellyn Press, February ).

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Green Snake Dream. When a green snake shows up in a dream, it typically symbolizes the resurgence of the dreamer’s connection with oneself. The meanings associated with green, especially when featured in a snake dream, are about nature, the earth, going back to what is true to you.

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An interpretation of last words to

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