Compare and contrast to his coy

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Compare and contrast to his coy

Metaphysical poetry was well known for its knotted sentences and hidden arguments. Often the argument was the main purpose of the poem The Flea. Metaphysical poems move from one idea to another often making comparisons between things that have little in common, and use imagery and syntax to try to confuse the reader.

Most of this was done without any reaction from the women.

Compare and contrast to his coy

Some metaphysical poetry mocks this Courtley Love by saying that there is no need for it and it just wastes time To His Coy Mistress.

The Flea tries to tell a story about a flea; how it had bitten the man and the woman and that their blood was now in the flea. The blood is very significant to them and the poet tries to explain how simple and unimportant sex is.

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The Flea tries to achieve what it wants it with the use if conceits far-fetched metaphor and paradox: To His Coy Mistress uses a different way of wooing the lady. It is much more argumentative. The poet speaks on a higher level than the lady and mocks her preferred, traditional Courtley Love.

The poem is much more aggressive and structured. The poet gives the woman three different ideas that would confuse her. This poem uses the conceit of time. The poet of The Flea introduces the insect as a conceit. He introduces the flea saying that it had bitten him and then her, and that their blood was intermingled in the flea.

Thesis Antithesis Synthesis To His Coy Mistress

The fragile representation of the flea could also represent the fragile argument of sex and symbolises that it is unimportant. He does this by forcefully putting across his argument — that sex is unimportant.

Donne uses simple and easy language proving that he speaks to the lady on the same level; there is no hierarchy. The poet flatters the lady by making connections of her to the erotic Indian River — the Ganges and him to the bland English river — the Humber. Another way of trying to woo her is when he says she deserves the Courtley Love but that there is not enough time in their lives to do it.

The Flea uses religious imagery in its second stanza when it repeats the word marriage, associated with the church and also mentioning the cloister — a holy place in a cathedral.

There are also references to the holy trinity, when he says that killing the flea would be sac religious to God, as she would be killing three people -the blood — and therefore commit three crimes.

Compare and contrast to his coy

Donne here tries to make her feel guilty and plays with her conscience by suggesting that she is sac religious in killing the flea, therefore manipulating her how he wants but still talking to her on the same level.

In these times blood was considered as being very important. When he claimed their blood was intermingled in the flea he was suggesting that their souls and bodies were also intermingled and that they are more than married.

Marvell changes his tone in order to shock and scare the lady. He gives her unimaginable ideas of what would happen to her when she dies — without having any fun with him first. It also moves far away from the traditional love poetry and trying to woo a woman.

Death has a strong influence on the second stanza and is to be feared because everyone is scared of dying. There is also the idea of growing old and being lonely; something that scares everyone as no one wants to be lonely.

To His Coy Mistress - Essay

Another image he portrays is that a lowly worm will take away her virginity when she is dead rather than him; this is a very shocking and disturbing image for her as he tries to make her feel uneasy.

He tries to scare her into bed. The poet uses strong stressed words to make them more powerful e. In the third stanza we learn that she has killed the flea and gone against everything he has said. She has been sac religious against God and committed three crimes and proven by the blood what the poet intended — that sex is unimportant.

Simple language is used to symbolize the simple act of sex. The lady in the poem was not flattered into bed; she was reasoned with.There are several things these two poems have in common.

Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress" discusses the importance of time, and the swift passage of time. It may be noted that the carpe diem.

Compare and Contrast the Attitudes to Relationships between Men and Women in ‘To His Coy Mistress’ and ’My Last Duchess’ This essay will compare and contrast the attitudes to relationships between men and women in Andrew Marvell’s poem My Last Duchess, and Robert Browing’s poem To His Coy Mistress.

Compare and Contrast 'to His Coy Mistress' and 'Passionate Shepherd to His Love' ‘To His Coy Mistress’ Is a love poem by Andrew Marvel.

The poem is ‘carpe diem’ which translates to seize the day, this means the poem does not take its time its blunt and straight to the point. The pilgrims and the puritans compare and contrast essays. gender roles essay le corbusier towards a new architecture essay computer change our life essay publication date of to his coy mistress essay other persons juan jose millas analysis essay worst friendship essay emerson qui essaye ou essaie.

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“To His Coy Mistress” by Andrew Marvell is a classic carpe diem poem in which a sophisticated and mature man, the speaker in the poem, attempts to persuade his young mistress to yield to his amorous advances. Marvell lived during the seventeenth century in England, a time of radical changes in.

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