Consumer buyer behaviour essay

Creative expression develops marketing campaigns that catch the eye and capture the imagination, but behind every marketing strategy are theories grounded solidly in psychology, economics, and studies in human behavior. The scientific insights help marketers design campaigns that speak to the fundamental concerns and desires of their audience, greatly deepening the impact of the marketing materials. At the heart of the scientific study of marketing are key insights about consumer behavior, or why consumers buy and act the way they do.

Consumer buyer behaviour essay

These factors cause consumers to develop product and brand preferences. Although many of these factors cannot be directly controlled by marketers, understanding of their impact is essential as marketing mix strategies can be developed to appeal to the preferences of the target market.

When purchasing any product, a consumer goes through a decision process.

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This process consists of up to five stages; problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision and post purchase behavior. The length of this decision process will vary, ranging from a shorter routine response behavior, to limited problem solving and a more comprehensive extensive problem solving.

A consumer may not act in isolation in the purchase, but rather may be influenced by any of several people in various roles. The number of people involved in the buying decision increases with the level of involvement and complexity of the buying decision behavior.

Consumers buyer behaviour and the resulting purchase decision is strongly influenced by cultural, social, personal and psychological characteristics.

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An understanding of the influence of these factors is essential for marketers in order to develop suitable marketing mixes to appeal to the target customer.

These factors are often inherent in our values and decision processes. SOCIAL factors include groups reference groups, aspirational groups and member groupsfamily, roles and status.

Consumer buyer behaviour essay

This explains the outside influences of others on our purchase decisions either directly or indirectly. PERSONAL factors include such variables as age and lifecycle stage, occupation, economic circumstances, lifestyle activities, interests, opinions and demographicspersonality and self concept.

Consumer buyer behaviour essay

Other people often influence a consumers purchase decision. The marketer needs to know which people are involved in the buying decision and what role each person plays, so that marketing strategies can also be aimed at these people.

Kotler et al, Decider - the person who ultimately makes a buying decision orCONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR Factors which affect a consumer 's buying behavior includes Social factors are those factors which are induced by other people with whom the consumer is in contact with by one way or the other and have affect on the consumers buying behavior.

Consumer Behaviour Jane Priest is a Teaching Fellow at Edinburgh Business School and teaches parts of the on-campus Marketing course, as well as the Consumer Behaviour elective by distance learning. She is a key member of a team exploring how technology can .

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Consumer behaviour deals with the study of buying behaviour of consumers. Consumer behaviour helps us understand why and why not an individual purchases goods and services from the market.

There are several factors which influence the buying decision of consumers, cultural factors being one of the most important factors. Chapter 5: Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyer Behaviour Consumer buyer behaviour - Refers to buying behaviour of final consumers (individuals & households that buy goods and services for personal consumption) Consumer market - Total number of final customers .

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