Efffects of cell phone text language essay

The Environment As the developing of technology and human society, people are more creative in the way of using language to communicate and connect together. There are two mains style of communication which are formal and informal.

Efffects of cell phone text language essay

Abstract When sending text messages on their mobile phone to friends, children often use a special type of register, which is called textese.

This register allows the omission of words and the use of textisms: To investigate this, 55 children between 10 and 13 years old were tested on a receptive vocabulary and grammar performance sentence repetition task and various tasks measuring executive functioning.

Although textisms correlated marginally significantly with vocabulary, grammar and selective attention scores and omissions marginally significantly with vocabulary scores, no other significant effects were obtained for measures of textese in the regression analyses: In this register, children make use of phonetic replacements, such as ur instead of your and acronyms, such as lol [ 1 ] and drop words e.

However, this is in sharp contrast to findings from several studies showing that children who used textese frequently did not perform poorly on spelling and tasks measuring literacy abilities see [ 5 ] for a review.

Outcomes of some studies suggest a negative influence of textese on grammar [ 7 ].

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Previous studies have shown that young people who often switch between different media types and non-media e. As many young children nowadays own a smart phone they may also be prone to this effect.

Efffects of cell phone text language essay

On the other hand, children who are proficient in textese, might have similar advantages as bilingual children have, as they might be considered a special type of bilinguals—in a different modality—having to switch between formal written language and textese.

This is so because various studies have shown superior performance on executive function tasks by bilingual children over monolingual children see [ 10 ].

Thus, the second aim of this study is to determine whether proficient texters have better-developed executive functions than non-proficient texters, similar to proficient bilingual children. Identified textism categories range from 4 [ 1 ] to 11 [ 11 ]. In public opinion, use of textese by children and young adults has been linked to poor reading and writing skills and even language deterioration, as illustrated by a corpus study by Thurlow [ 4 ], who investigated opinions on texting and textese in newspapers.

Some studies have indeed found negative associations between frequency of use of textese and measures of spelling [ 2 ] and other tasks measuring abilities related to literacy such as verbal and nonverbal reasoning [ 12 ].

Efffects of cell phone text language essay

Specifically grammatical development is interesting in this respect because, as mentioned by Kemp and colleagues [ 2 ], grammar rules of conventional written language are often transgressed in textese. As a result, this lack of grammatical conventions might leak into registers other than textese.

These studies have focused on the use of grammar in written language and have shown mixed results. However, these findings are hard to interpret, as the authors did not calculate the textism ratio—which is a relative measure that takes text length into account—but used raw scores. In addition, textisms at the word level spellingrather than at the sentence level, were responsible for this effect.

These observations have to do with missing and unconventional punctuation, missing capitalisation, word and grammatical errors missing words, lack of verbal agreement, verb and preposition merged; and grammatical homonyms.

No textisms at the word level were included in this measure. In a longitudinal follow-up study, Wood et al. For the primary school children, grammatical violations in their text messages did not predict development of their grammatical skills over the year.

In sum, previous studies do not convincingly indicate that use of textese by children negatively affects their conventional writing and spelling abilities.

The Influence of Texting Language on Grammar and Executive Functions in Primary School Children

If any association does exist between textism use and literacy, it appears to be positive. Researchers suggest different reasons for this positive association.

One of the reasons is that writing text messages is fun and encourages children to play with language without having to worry about spelling conventions.

Finally, use of textese could have a more general effect.

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Previous studies have shown that children know that textisms are not appropriate in, for example, school work. Hence, they are aware of the different registers they can employ.Texting ignores spelling and grammatical errors Most people especially the young generation have invented their “own” language of communication that is not keen basic language skills.

Shortcuts with punctuation, spelling and emoticons does not help our youth to learn the necessary writing and communication skills. Efffects of Cell Phone Text Language. Cellular telephone or Mobile telephone commonly referred as mobile phone or cellphone is a long-range, portable electronic .

Efffects Of Cell Phone Text Language. Filed Under: Term Papers Tagged With The most widely feature of cell phone is text messaging service us or more mobile phones. a novel, an essay, a letter and a journal that expresses the meaning found in the experience.

Finally, someone reads the text and discovers meaning in it. The reader . Talking about how texting is ruining the standard English language, it is to be noted that a major strata of our society today which makes use of cell phones for texting consists of majority of youngsters. Text messaging is convenient, fast and easy and cell phone users do not need to answer back text right away.

Because of the convenience, college students find texting as one of the most suitable way of communicating with someone. Cell Phone Words | 6 Pages. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY A mobile phone (also called mobile, cellular telephone, or cell phone) is an electronic device used for two-way radio telecommunication over a cellular network of base stations known as cell sites.

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