Guidelines for writing a memoir

Writing about your memories can have a profound effect on readers.

Guidelines for writing a memoir

Memories of days gone by provide phenomenal writing material. Our lives are short. We crave to leave a legacy for others to appreciate. We long to say: Contests, magazines, anthologies, and publishers provide avenues for your slices-of-life, and pay you for the privilege.

As with any market, you should study the guidelines in detail.

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Some want memoirs based on a geographic region, a time period, a setting, or a family situation. Some prefer poignancy and others humor. A few require meticulous historical accuracy. We all have stories. The recollection of sending my boys to college went into a story for the Chicken Soup series, empty nesters edition.

Personal stories suit many markets. Just be flexible and savvy enough to spot where you can sell them for a pretty penny. Contests Regional and state writing groups provide the best resources for memoir competitions. Watch for contests with multiple categories. That means they will accept your memoir.

Open to any type, genre, or style of story. Also open to any writer, any age, writing in English. The annual contest pays a large amount of prize money. They also feature a semi-annual and a monthly competition, all about your memories.

Submissions receive two valuable critiques.

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Winners are announced at the Summer Conference in front of writers, agents, and editors. One category includes memoirs, and another short topics. First Person Impressions This four-year-old company endeavors to promote real life experiences, in not only writing, but also visual form. Submit an essay up to 1, words, a five-minute film, or a five-photo essay.

Knoxville Writers Guild http: They ask that the piece read like a story with a developed sense of place, and elements of conflict and character development. Maximum of 3, words.

guidelines for writing a memoir

Deadline in February each year. Glimmertrain Family Matters Category http: First prize includes publication and twenty copies. Open to all writers.

They prefer the stories read like fiction, and to be safe, they post all stories as fiction. Must be written in first person about a personal experience. Writers Digest Annual Competition http: One hundred top entries are named and awarded prizes.

Brad Schreiber honors his writing mother with this annual contest. December deadline each year. Entries accepted up to words. Religion, geographical, regional, and ethnic publications also accept personal stories.

Moment Accepts personal essays, human-interest stories, and first-person narratives on topics regarding the Jewish community. Army Magazine Military types love war stories. Military publications like Army Magazine accept personal stories written with the proper terminology and history.In this tough memoir market, you might consider changing focus and writing a different type of nonfiction book.

For example, if yours is a story of dealing with celiac disease, you might discover a better market for your knowledge and experience with a prescriptive-health title.

Jan 20,  · For instance, I believe that when writing a memoir, that is, a piece of AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL WRITING ABOUT YOUR OWN LIFE, you should feel free to invent when memory fails you. You should allow memory. ‘Remember that a memoir is not an autobiography.

You cannot write an autobiography unless you are famous. However, if you have a story and a good writing style, you can write a publishable memoir.’ ~Secrets Of A Memoirist Here are 12 of my favourite quotes on writing memoirs. - Pens second best-selling memoir, A Fine Romance “Writing a memoir is emotional homework that everybody should do.

It’s important to confront your life, but it’s a lot of work. Write a memoir to present the gift of your inner self to your family, friends, and perhaps a wider audience.

You might publish only a few dozen copies for a very limited distribution, but then again, a really compelling story could become the propellant that launches your writing career.

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How to Write a Memoir. Be yourself, speak freely, and think small. By William Zinsser | May 12, That turned out to be the main lesson I learned by writing a book in called Writing About Your Life.

It’s a memoir of my own life, but it’s also a teaching book—along the way I explain the reducing and organizing decisions I.

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