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The majority of children stop sucking on thumbs, fingers, pacifiers or other objects on their own between two and three years of age without any harm being done to their teeth or jaws. However, children that repeatedly suck on a finger, pacifier or other object over long periods of time may cause the upper front teeth to tip toward the lip or not come in properly.

Pedo presentation

This techniques is ideal for young children because it does not press on the floor of the mouth or tickle the soft palate. To locate retained roots of extracted teeth To locate the foreign bodies in maxilla and mandible To locate the stone in the duct of submandibular gland To locate the boundaries of maxillary sinus Slide 5: To evaluate the fractures in maxilla and mandible To aid in the examination of patients who cannot open their mouth even for few millimeters To examine the areas of cleft lip To measure the change in the Pedo presentation and shape of maxilla and mandible.

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Adjust the patients head so that the sagittal plane is perpendicular and the occlusal plane is horizontal to the floor. Place the receptor in the mouth with the exposure side towards the maxilla, the posterior side touching the ramus and the long dimension of the receptor perpendicular to the exposure site.

The patient stabilize the film by closing the mouth slightly. The receptor is placed with its long dimension perpendicular to the sagital plane. Gently push the receptor back war and stabilize the film by closing the mouth Slide The receptor is pushed until it touches the rami.

The child is asked to close the mouth gently for stabilizing the film. The receptor is placed in the mouth with its ling axis perpendicular to the sagittal plane and push it till it touches the rami and the mouth is slightly closed Slide Place the receptor such that the long axis perpendicular to the sagittal plane.

Place the receptor as posterior as possible and with the pebbled side down the mandible. It is based on the body section radiography which uses a mechanism by which the x ray films and the source of the x-ray film move simultaneously in the opposite direction at the same speed. TMJ, mandible, maxilla, maxillary sinus and the teeth can be seen in a single radiograph.

RATIONALE OPG helps in the visuvalizationof both the maxilla and mandible together with heir associated structure in one film with considerably less radiation exposure than routine full mouth radiography This examination is obtained without the placement of an film intraoral, this may not alarm the anxious children.

PRINCIPLE When two adjacent disc are rotating at the same speed in the opposite direction and as the x-ray beam passes through the center of rotation an image is formed in the receptor opposite to it. Previously in an panoramic images the object and the film rotated and the x-ray beam is stationary.

But in the recent panoramic images the object is made stationary and the x-rays and receptor rotates.

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Fast films combined with high speed screens are indicated. Thus a receptor in such an x-ray is used in a PSP plate rather as a film. In the panoramic images the receptor is placed after the object but with in the limit of the imaging zone in a straight line. The source moves behind the neck and the anterior teeth are imaged, the center of rotation move forward along the arc towards the sagittal plane.

Pedo presentation

The x-ray source continues to move around the patient on the opposite side.Dental Topics/Pediatric Dental FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions) What is a Pediatric Dentist? Why are “baby teeth” important? What if my child has special needs?

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and participate in presentations of journal articles in seminars. The student will participate in weekly case presentations and interdisciplinary dentistry seminars, as well as lectures by guest speakers in our institution. Clinical activities will involved hands-on contact with patients Pediatric Dentistry (PEDO.

8 minute (6 min for presentation & 2min for discussion) Abstract Format Structured Abstract. Table clinic Eligibility 1 st, 2 nd & 3 rd year MDS students. No.

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of Participants Upto 3 per clinic. Topic/Category 1 - Technodentistry - making dentistry easier 2 - Emerging trends in .

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Pedo presentation


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