Sneaker war

We are not, unfortunately, talking about this handshake, or the Arab-Israeli conflict, but about the mysterious falling out between two German brothers, Adi and Rudolf Dassler, who dissolved their successful family sneaker business 61 years ago, set up rival sneaker companies, Adidas and Pumaon opposite sides of a river in the small Bavarian town of Herzogenaurach, and refused to speak to one another for the rest of their lives. That family feud, which eventually grew into an intense and often bitter rivalry between the employees of the two companies, endured for years after the death of the two men, but on Monday the war between the two global sneaker superpowers ended when their current chief executives shook hands and staged a joint corporate event to promote the International Day of Peace. To this day the exact origin of the split between the two brothers, now buried at opposite ends of the same graveyard, remains a mystery.

Sneaker war

Nike appears to be edging out rival Adidas in the competition for sneaker dominance.

Sneaker war

The footwear company is proving that it can still rule the running and basketball sneaker category, according to data compiled by a Jefferies analyst.

Nike has increased its market share in the top 60 sellers list, and its sneakers have dominated the top 10 selling shoes this year. Nike was also the clear leader in the basketball sneaker category due to the popularity of its Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and Paul George brands.

The Jefferies analyst also found that the retro trend was "coming back into favor," and he believes that this will bode well for Nike. The brand represents the second largest portion of Nike's sales, and is part of the top 10 highest-selling shoes this year.

Nike has recently been criticized for its slow production and failed attempts to offer the next trendy shoewhich had caused the shoemaker to lose market share to its German-based rival, Adidas. Adidas has made an aggressive push into the US, which was by and large successful with its focus on scale and ability to recognize trends early.Mar 27,  · Just four months out, and it looks like the Olympic sneaker war is emerging as the race to watch at the London Olympics.

Sneaker war

As I reported the other week, Asics is making a . Nov 20,  · A huge new battlefield just opened up in the war for America’s feet.

German sportswear giant Adidas said this week it won’t renew its $ million deal as official outfitter of the National. Sneaker Wars is the fascinating true story of the enemy brothers behind Adidas and Puma, two of the biggest global brands of athletic footwear.

Adi and Rudi Dassler started their shoe business in their mother's laundry room and achieved almost instantaneous success/5(35). Remember the days when sneakers were actually reasonably priced? I remember having all the big brands names when I was a kid, then suddenly Nike and friends became a .

Jordan wasn’t Marbury’s only target. The Brooklyn native threw some shade at King James as well, when a Twitter follower pointed out the Cavaliers star’s shoes also sell for well over $ A sneaker that’s got enough swag to catch your opponents eye while you mess them up.

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