The four commonly used double reed instruments of the woodwind family

Flute Flutes produce sound by directing a focused stream of air below the edge of a hole in a cylindrical tube. This split airstream then acts upon the air column contained within the flute's hollow causing it to vibrate and produce sound.

The four commonly used double reed instruments of the woodwind family

Jump to navigation Jump to search A woodwind instrument is an instrument belonging to the woodwind family. Traditionally they were always made of woodalthough some of them are now made of metal or plastic. In an orchestra there are four main types of woodwind instrument.

Each of these also has related instruments of different sizes: The piccolo is the highest of the four main instruments. The lowest note is Middle C and it has a range of 3 octaves.

The piccolo is the smallest and highest instrument in the orchestra. It plays one octave higher than the flute. There is also an alto flute which sounds a fifth lower than the ordinary flute.

Flutes are still sometimes made of wood, but mostly they are metal. The oboe can play slightly lower than the flute. There is a larger version called the cor anglais which means: This is a double reeded instrument. The clarinet plays nearly an octave lower than the flute. The bass clarinet plays an octave lower than the clarinet.

The bassoon is the lowest of the four. The recorder is one of the oldest and most popular woodwinds and has been used to great effect by greats, such as BachTelemann and Vivaldi. The saxophone may look like a brass instrumentbut it is played like a clarinet and therefore it is a woodwind instrument.

It is usually played in bands and jazz groups. Use[ change change source ] Woodwind instruments are played in several ways. The flute is played by blowing across the top of the mouthpiece. It is like blowing across the top of an empty bottle. The oboe and bassoon both have a double reed.

It is like blowing through a drinking straw. The clarinet and saxophone have single reeds which are clamped against the opening of the mouthpiece.

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In comparison, brass instruments are all blown in the same way: This is why the saxophone cannot be called a brass instrument, although it is made of brass.

Woodwind instruments have several different embouchures. In an orchestra there may be two each of flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons. In larger orchestras, particularly from the Romantic period onwards, there may be three or four. Sometimes the extra instruments such as the piccolo are used.

The four commonly used double reed instruments of the woodwind family

However, if the piccolo plays at the same time as flute 3 they will obviously need an extra player for the piccolo part.

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The Cor Anglais is part of the Oboe family and is also a double-reed woodwind instrument. It’s one and a half times the length of the Oboe and is pitched in F, a fifth lower than the Oboe. It’s one and a half times the length of the Oboe and is pitched in F, a fifth lower than the Oboe.

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STUDY. PLAY. FOUR families of Western Instruments. strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Double-reed woodwind instrument, larger and lower in range (alto) than the oboe. Family of single-reed woodwind instruments commonly used in wind and jazz bands.


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The four most commonly used instruments in the string family are the violin, the viola, the cello and the double (string) bass. They are all made by gluing pieces of wood together to form a hollow “sound box.”.

The four woodwind instruments that are most commonly employed in the modern orchestra. Blowing through a reed or mouthpiece. How the notes are sounded on a woodwind instrument.

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